How to Easily Disable/Remove YouTube Shorts Permanently? (2023)

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YouTube Shorts is undoubtedly one of the most trending features, just like TikTok, which has also followed it for many years and created a vast user base. Creating such a short duration video is quick, grabs attention, and gets spread like a fire.

But, do you know that inclusion of YouTube shorts replaces the explore option to make proper adjustments for YouTube Shorts under the application. Not only this, many users dislike getting disturbed by such a short duration video while searching for some beneficial, informative, or detailed information.

If any of such cases, attune with you, and you want to know how to disable YouTube Shorts or remove Shorts from the YouTube platform. Then, this is the right place.

In this article, you will learn the process of disabling YouTube Shorts or removing YouTube shorts permanently. Just remain stick with the guidelines, and soon you will become able to do the same with easy steps.

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Easy Ways to Disable/Remove YouTube Shorts

Now, as you have reached this section, you should be curious, what are the steps or methods with the help of which you would be able to disable YouTube Shorts. Don’t worry. Here, we shall cover all the methods of removing shorts from YouTube in detail.

You can choose either of them as per your suitability or the one which best suits you. Some of these methods are pretty easy to follow, or you might need to follow some steps for some. But the main essence is, following any method will show how to remove shorts from YouTube. So, now go with the methods one by one and follow the guidelines to remove shorts from YouTube.

Method 1: Three dots option

One of the primary things you can do with any short videos is to click on the three dots next to each of such videos if you are not particularly willing to see something. Doing so will open the pop-up window, which will give you the option of “Not interested”. Click on this option. That’s it. Next time, such a video will not appear to you while surfing videos on YouTube.

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Here, no doubt the method is simple, but this method needs repetitiveness. As, whenever you see Shorts videos, you need to click on three dots to remove that.

Method 2: Settings menu of YouTube

At your YouTube homepage at the top end, you will see the profile icon. If you click on it, that will lead you towards the Settings menu of YouTube.

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From there, you need to select “General”, which will show up some options. Here, click on the Shorts option to turn it off.

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This way, by simply following and managing settings, you can easily disable YouTube shorts from the platform.

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Now, restart your device to apply the removal process of YouTube shorts from there entirely. Thus, the next time you open the application, you will find that there exists no such YouTube shorts video as this option will disable YouTube Shorts.

Method 3: Can go with YouTube browser

Hey guys, there is one more trick. Whenever you want to access YouTube, instead of going through the application, try to open YouTube website either from your mobile or PC browser window. You would wonder why so and what difference it will make. The fact is that the Shorts tab has not yet been incorporated under the browser version of YouTube.

So friends, try this to avoid seeing YouTube Shorts videos either from phone or desktop. This is not only simple but also device-free. And even if you do not have a YouTube application, you can use this trick to solve your concern.

Method 4: Factory reset

If you disagree with the shorts video and want to get off of it entirely. This trick might help you. For this, visit the YouTube app on your mobile and press on it for some time. Doing so will lead you to the info section under the settings.

When you click on the Uninstall option, the YouTube version will get downgraded to the factory version. This is the version that is a pre-installed version of YouTube that comes with the device.

Also, if you have not updated your YouTube app, then don’t go with that. However, you will receive notifications many times that you should update your application. Just ignore it, especially if you are not willing to add the Shorts video option on your YouTube application.

Method 5: Link to downgrade the YouTube

Friends, for every problem, there exists some solution. And, if you are finding it difficult to factory reset the YouTube, you can download the downgraded version of YouTube. This is the version that does not contain the YouTube Shorts feature. Do like this:

  1. Visit the Link and download the downgraded version.
  2. Install by allowing unknown resources also.
  3. Then, disable the auto-update of the YouTube option also.

Note: While downloading and installing this version, you need to allow installation from unknown sources.

Method 6: Removing all update

There exists one more simple trick to understand how to turn off YouTube Shorts. That is to remove all update options. How to do that, follow the below-mentioned steps you can do so.

On your smartphone, open the Settings > Apps or Manage Apps option > choose YouTube app> at the top right end, click on three dots there > click on Uninstall Updates. That will replace your YouTube app with that of the older version of YouTube.

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Using this method, you can remove shorts easily from YouTube. And, it is not going to take much amount of time. So, go and follow the steps.

Method 7: Try YouTube Vanced

Wait, the list is not over yet. If none of the previous methods work, try YouTube Vanced, the advanced and premium version of YouTube to get rid of YouTube Shorts. Well, not only that, but YouTube Vanced also comes up with multiple services that you can enjoy along with it, such as disabling YouTube Shorts, blocking ads, stories, or any of the sponsored features.

If not sure how to go about it, then let’s have a look over the following steps that will guide you to get YouTube Vanced.

Step 1: Download YouTube Vanced

First, download the YouTube Vanced application from its website.

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Step 2: Install and complete the setup process

After that, complete the installation process and follow the on-screen direction rightly to make it work effectively for you.

Note: If you are downloading from the website, not from the app store, then there might appear the warning. So ignore that and go with the downloading and installation process.

Step 3: Open application and visit settings

Once you have launched the application, under the settings, you need to go for the Vanced settings option> there opt for "Ad settings" > at the end of the page, switch on the Shorts shelf.

How to Easily Disable/Remove YouTube Shorts Permanently? (8)

Doing so will disable the YouTube Shorts option from the Home screen.

Alternatively, remove the YouTube Shorts button also from the screen. Under the “Vanced settings” > Visit Layout settings > Switch on the Comments location option. That will further remove the Shorts button from the bottom end of the Home screen of the YouTube page.

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Voila, now you can say that you get rid of those shorts videos by removing shorts from YouTube using YouTube Vanced option.

Thus, following the methods mentioned above gives you multiple ways to turn off shorts on YouTube. I hope that now you will be able to use YouTube without any concern or interference of YouTube Shorts videos.


YouTube has always been the favorite choice for many users to explain videos under the same platform just a few steps away. Somehow, the YouTube Shorts will not be a good choice for those dedicated users who always explore YouTube for detailed videos or information.

Thus, keeping that issue in mind, this article assisted with both the ways to turn off YouTube shorts or remove YouTube shorts with simple steps.

So, friends, let’s not wait for anymore. Scroll up the article and get a detailed steps-wise guide and get a good grab of the process. So that your concern will get resolved, and soon you will be able to access the platform with the last look.

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